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ARCMIM is the largest Global MIM Provider, with several markets served for more than 25 years from Aerospace to Medical, we continuously expand our manufacturing capabilities to guarantee a real solution to our current and future customers.

From the process to create our own feedstock, and customize under request, to adapt new technologies to the manufacturing environment to consistently deliver quality products. ARCMIM is the result of a combined effort at Global Scale, to bring the technology and quality, with the best technical and customer support available in the market.

As part of ARC Group Worldwide, ARCMIM can provide any solution combining our capabilities and other ARC Companies, to make a single deliver of a component without the hassle of the traditional chain of suppliers, a most effective and economical approach to any industry nowadays.

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ARCMIM Holistic Solutions

ARCMIM goal is to help get your products to market as quickly as possible. Our investment and focus on new technology and proven manufacturing techniques is a key driver in the revolution of the manufacturing.

The possibilities are virtually limitless when you combine precision injection molds designed for high volume production with development aids like 3D printing, rapid prototype tooling, 5-axis machining, conformal cooling, and highly engineered polymers and filled resins.

ARCMIM offers a whole entire platform to developed and manufacture complex geometry components, without the hassle of interact with several providers, the unnecessary complications of dealing with different manufacturers.

Within the multiple options ARCMIM Holistic Solutions are:
  • Tool Rooms
  • Secondary machining (Robodrill and CNC Centers in USA and Europe)
  • Federal Firearms License in Colorado
  • Robotic Vision Systems
  • Full Grinding Center in Europe
  • Plastic Molding facility in USA
  • Custom Alloy Feedstock Development in USA and Europe

Whole Assembly
With MIM, 3D Printed, Forged components and Plastic Precision Overmolded
(All Supply by ARCMIM)
3D Printed Component (3)
Supplier: 3
MIM and Rapid Prototype Component (4)
Supplier: 4
MIM Component (5)
Supplier: 4
MIM and Plastic Overmolded Component (1)
Supplier: 1
Forge and Surface Finish Component (2)
Supplier: 2
MIM, 3D Print and Plastic Overmolded Assembly Component (6)
Supplier: 5

ARCMIM Capabilities

ARCMIM has a total facility area of 217,000 Square Feet (20,150 square meters) and has manufacturing facilities in United States and Europe.

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Electric and Hydraulic
Automated Manufacturing
Traversing Arms
5-Axis (Automated Arms)
Fully Automated Staging with 4, 5 and 6-Axis capabilities
H/N Atmosphere Positive Pressure
Vacuum Sintering
High Temp Refractory
Heat Treatment
Internal Heat Treatment capabilities in US and Europe
Process Manufacturing
Secondary Jobs
Surface Finishing
Precision Overmolding
CNC Machining
Asistance Design/Tech Support
R&D Engineers
Product Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers
Quality Engineers

ARCMIM Advantages

ARCMIM Metal Injection Molding Technology is revolutionizing metal working processes. See how MIM is a viable alternative to other forms of metal parts manufacturing.

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MIM Comparison


Industries Served


ARCMIM Quality Certifications

ARCMIM has Quality Certifications for a broad spectrum of industries.


ISO 9001 General Industry


ISO 13485 Medical Industry


AS 9100 Aerospace Industry


ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Industry