ARCMIM Design Guidelines

ARCMIM provides the full spectrum of capabilities within the MIM industry. By utilizing multiple facilities with multiple processes we can provide a comprehensive solution to your MIM needs. Below are some of the basic guidelines:

Wall Thickness:
ARCMIM’s advanced feedstock capabilities allow for wall thickness down to 0.010” and as thick as over 0.250”.

Production Volumes:
Low volume to extremely high production volumes can be made with the MIM process as it is a highly scalable process. ARCMIM has invested in advanced automation at each of its facilities and treats all product lines equally utilizing the experience gained on high volume jobs even on lower volume jobs.

Part Weight and Size:
As a general rule MIM parts are between 0.1-400 grams. However with ARCMIM’s diversified operations we are capable of making parts below the 0.1 grams and above the 400 grams listed above.

Tolerances can be held capably (1.33Cpk) to +/-0.5% and for a layout dimension holding +/-0.3% is common. These percentages are valid down to +/-0.0015” as below this threshold it is difficult to discern process variation from gage variation.

Part Consolidation:
The MIM process allows for the assembly or consolidation of components into one finished component. ARCMIM has successfully consolidated several customer designs into one allowing for fewer purchased components, no extra assembly costs and better part performance.

Surface Finish:
The surface finish of as-sintered MIM parts is typically better than 63µin. Each of the ARCMIM facilities has tumbling and blasting equipment that can enhance the surface finish and generate values around 36µin.

Design Advantage:
ARCMIM encourages direct contact between our technical staff and yours. By involving our technical staff up front with design conversions and product development, we can help you design a more cost effective and MIM friendly component.

The ARCMIM Advantage
At ARCMIM we have assembled the most experienced MIM staff in the world and continue to invest in new and diverse equipment to maintain our state of the art facilities. We invite you to visit any of our facilities and start developing a relationship with our staff that we are sure will lead to a lasting and valuable partnership.